Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A little chilly out but sunny so I am heading out to find a few leaves to sketch for an art class. It does sound like fun and motivating me to venture out. My dog is getting a little older so we both could use the exercise. I haven't collected  leaves in a real long time. I turned 60 last month so I need to turn over a new leaf ( no pun intended).
So I will bundle up a little, grab the dog, put on the 02, and make it a go. I wear 02 due to a long term illness and am doing okay with it, but the worst part is keeping the tanks full and lugging it around. I get discouraged and think it is too much trouble so I end up not doing what I want to do.

So before the day is  over I am going to do this... I may take some pics, too!

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